Outstanding Dreams Farm

Alpaca farm offering high-quality animals, farm tours & a retail location.

Phil & Vickie Liske
24480 Pinetown RD
Preston, MD 21655
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About our Store

Browse the gift shop and explore an array of alpaca products!
We have sweaters, scarves, accessories and more.

Did you know that we have an impressive selection of socks in our Farm Store?

Our alpaca yarn made from the animals here on the farm

Our Farm Store features a wide selection of alpaca fiber products. We have yarn, rovings, hats, gloves, scarves, toys and several other alpaca products for sale. Check out our Photo Albums and store products here to view more of our inventory.

Store Hours (effective October 1st, 2017):

Monday: By appointment
Tuesday through Friday: 11:00am - 4:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 12:00pm - 5:00pm

If you'd like to come another time, please call & we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Thank you!

Interesting Highlights about Alpaca Fiber

For centuries alpaca fiber has been the choice for luxurious and unique garments. Used as the exclusive fiber of the Incan Royalty. It is now sought after by fiber artists, textile producers, and discriminating shoppers looking for a hypoallergenic natural fiber. Here are some of the reasons why.

Alpaca fiber contains no natural oil such as the lanolin that is contained in sheep's wools.This means that alpaca fiber is naturally hypoallergenic. You can place alpaca garments on a newborn baby with no reaction,( other than a very happy baby).Their fleece contains a natural resin which protects the fiber from aging and getting dirty.This natural resin provides a built in resistance to water, pilling , wrinkling, and staining.

The smooth surface of each follicle reduces the "Prickle Effect" associated with coarser fibers.

Alpacas come in 22 natural colors. They range from white to black, fawn to gray, mahogany to brown,and many shades in between.

The fiber is strong and resilient.The strength does not diminish as the fiber becomes finer.

Alpaca fiber has microscopic air pockets which creates some of the most lightweight garments with high insulating factors.Alpaca is very lightweight, yet it keeps you comfortably warm.

Alpaca garments are silky soft like cashmere.