Great Lakes Ranch

Specializing in Elite IYAK Foundation Registered Wooly Tibetan Yak

Brad and Jandy Sprouse
5718 S Bohemian Rd
Maple City, MI 49664
231-218-0403 (Brad cell)
231-218-1157 (Jandy's cell)

Great Lakes Ranch

Great Lakes Ranch began raising llamas in 1981, added Tibetan Yak in 1991 and Suri alpacas in 1993. In 2017, after 36 years in the livestock business, we made the decision to focus our full attention and efforts on breeding and raising only yak.

Our yak program is characterized by the same passion, selective breeding practices and genetics that helped us win Suri Breeder of the Year, seven consecutive years in a row (see links below). Our goal has always been and will continue to be to strive for the best crop of calves each and every year.

Updated August 09, 2017