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Farm Layout

Every individual property has it's own requirements to make an alpaca farm that is easy to maintain and relaxing and healthy for the alpacas. Some key things to try to incorporate are:

** Catch pens to herd the alpacas into whenever you need to do any health checks. The best place is around their grain feeding area! Alpacas are highly grain motivated! If you have grain, they will come!

** Ideally you want to keep your pastures smaller and many of them so you can rotate for good grass growth and for parasite control. You also want to have shelter and shade available in your pastures. If you are fortunate enough to center your pastures around a central barn, lucky you! If you can't, basic 3 sided shelters keep alpacas safe and happy too and are much more affordable than building multiple barns. If you live in cooler climates and if you will have any early spring or late fall babies you will want to have an enclosed area  as newborn babies aren't able to regulate their body temperature at first.

** Fencing  can be varied. At our farm we use no-climb horse fencing with the 2X4 squares. 5 foot is good when separating breeding animals. 4 foot might not be enough to hold back herdsires during breeding season if the girls can come up next to their pasture. If you just plan to have a few alpacas as pets a 4 foot will probably be fine though. Electric fencing on the outside of the pastures may be needed if you have predators in your area. Remember, stray dogs can be an alpacas number one predator!

** It is good to plan out your compost area ahead of time. There are always opportunities to sell your compost! You do need to remove their waste from the pastures though for good parasite control. After it has composted you can then spread it on your pastures for natural fertilizer. Alpacas...the gift that keeps on giving!!! :-D



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Updated June 23, 2012