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About Alpacas of Alagaesia

...the start of something special!





Jessica and Stargazer

My husband Don and I discovered Alpacas first by the commercials on Animal Planet. We  thought "Oh how cute!". We lived in the city at the time though and farm life didn't seem even remotely possible. Our desire to get out of the city grew. I wanted to return to my country roots and Don wanted something new. City life is so hectic and the worries of drugs, gangs, etc for our children was stressful! We craved a more simple life (simple doesn't mean easy though!) with more traditional values for our family. We came across the almost ideal property in 2004, we bought it and have just now started to make our dreams come true! We started visiting farms and drawing out plans for our pastures, barns, etc... (we are STILL revising those plans!). With the 20+ years of raising  award winning horses and award winning show cats I have learned the strong value of a pedigree and started researching what looks I liked and fiber qualities they had and then what bloodlines are behind those looks and qualities. We have purchased our foundation herd based on some of those lines and also for the color and type that we want to achieve. Since we have brought our alpacas home we haven't been disappointed for even a moment. They are such a joy to watch...truly intoxicating!

  I do get asked about our farm name, Alagaesia, and this might be a great place to explain what it is and how it seemed to fit the idea of our Alpaca farm. Alagaesia is the fictional land in the novel  Eragon, by Christopher Paolini. If you like fantasy, Tolkein type stories this book is awesome and you should take the time to read it or listen to the audio book. It is just the first book of a trilogy. The author started writing this series at the ripe age of 15 (when he graduated from high school!). Eragon is a boy who finds a dragon egg and learns of his destiny to be a legendary Dragon Rider. I know, I know... Alpacas don't resemble dragons but they do look very unique in comparison to your "normal" cats, dogs, cows and sheep! I thought our Alpacas needed a fantasy land name for their farm and it also kind of represents our Alpaca is like a fantasy coming to life!

Now almost 10 years later, we maintain a herd of 25-35 alpacas, have an on site farm store, process this luxurious fiber into yarn and finished pieces, and are proud of the fact that 85% of our entire herd are either Baby Fine or finer, and/or award winning alpacas!! Considering 85% of our herd are colored ( 56% Brown/Black/Grey!) this is quite an accomplishment! Of course we strive for 100% Baby Fine or finer in ALL of our colors but the few that aren't in those parameters are producing what we are striving for and you can't ask for much more than that! :)
In addition to having high quality standards, we also believe in sharing our knowledge and these special creatures with anyone who is interested in learning more about them. We love visiting schools, libraries, nursing homes, and events as well as having visitors to our farm. We also love sharing our fiber art knowledge and offer classes for spinning, crocheting, knitting, and felting.

  Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about us. I will keep adding to this page as our farm and experiences grow.

Here is a picture of the first four Alpacas we brought home, Andre, Chino, Psyche and Gracie...

Andre, Chino, Psyche and Graciella


Here are the boys running to greet Lili and Star when we brought them home...

Andre, Chino, Star and Lili


Here is Don giving Psyche and Gracie a treat...

Don feeding Gracie and Psyche


More fun photos....

Psyche giving Stargazer the kiss of approval! Graciella greeting her new friend!


Having a Hay Day! Meet the quality control team for our farm. Their job is to inspect every new bale of hay to make sure it measures up to their high standards!

Alagaesia's quality control at work!


Updated November 30, 2013