Online Auctions

A complete advertising, lead generation, & sales system.

  • Integrated advertising
  • Unlimited listings1
  • Anonymous bidder contact
  • No fees or commissions
  • Guaranteed page traffic increase

Supercharge your sales

Openherd online auctions are an affordable, easy-to-use, completely integrated system of advertising, sales lead generation, bidder follow-up, detailed reporting, and feedback loop.

Just choose your animal from your Openherd listings, set your price and timing, and we take care of the rest. It's an incredibly simple yet powerful way to increase your sales potential and the most cost-effective advertising medium available.

Maximize exposure

As the nation's #1 alpaca markeplace with over 4000 farms, Openherd is the best place to put your animals in front of the largest alpaca audience anywhere. In addition, online auctions are an exciting, engaging format that motivates buyers to act now rather than later.

Easy & effective

With a few clicks you can list an auction and Openherd immediately starts advertising your lots on our home page, high-traffic alpaca search pages, highlights them in search results, and on your sales lists. Your featured listing will be given additional exposure on our alpaca search landing page as well as on your 'Our Auctions' listing page. It's an incredibly effective way to advertise with no design costs and lead times.


We've designed our auctions to be an affordable part of your everday sales activity rather than the costly 'one shot' approach of a traditional auction consignment or display ad. All that's needed is an online auction-enabled membership on Openherd and you can list online auctions all year long - no insertion fees, and no commissions on sales!


Openherd online auctions give you the flexibility to list your auctions any time that suits your marketing plan the best. You can list them right away, schedule them to run later, or coordinate their ending times, creating your own hosted auction event! Now you can take control of the timing and market conditions that will be the most effective for you!


Our automatic proxy bidding system allows bidders to place a maximum bid amount and our system will bid on their behalf in their absence up to their maximum (proxy bidders will never pay more than the minimum amount necessary to remain the high/winning bidder).

You will be kept up-to-date with auction activity via email notifications, so just sit back and let us do the work!

Sophisticated sales lead generation

No other auction venue gives you the ability to track your auction activity and bids (identified by bidder ID only), allowing post-auction private sale negotiations.

If your auction ends with a winning bidder (minimum/reserve price was met), you are provided with the buyer's contact information to follow up and initiate the purchase contract process. All other bids are provided with a link to send a follow up email (bidder identities and email addresses are not disclosed), so you can negotiate a private sale with these qualified buyers. Many sales take place this way.

Reporting/Feedback loop

With any marketing activity, you need to be able to measure how effective your efforts were and use this data to inform and improve your sales performance over time.

Openherd online auctions provide data on total page views during the listing run, number of bids received, as well as detailed post-auction bidder activity. You can use this data to evaluate interest in your listing, effective price point, compare to the performance of your other listings, then make educated adjustments when relisting for better sales performance, completing the sales 'loop.'

Featured Auctions E-blast

(Professional Members only)

The most effective marketing is not waiting for customers to come to you but taking what you have to offer directly to them.

Openherd's highly popular Featured Auctions email blast is sent to over 8500 alpaca enthusiasts every week - the largest and most up-to-date email directory in the industry - and showcases the selected featured listing from each of our Professional members, giving them maximum advertising exposure and the very best ROI (return on investment).

Note: This is the only way to access Openherd's proprietary email list - the largest and most up-to-date in the industry. We do not sell this list and do not sell or send any email blasts for other parties in order to preserve the quality of content and high open rates we consistently generate.

For about the same cost of eating out once a month, you can send up to 4 auction listing advertisements each month and tap into Openherd's proprietary email list and the secret sales tool of the Professionals!

As the diagram to the right illustrates, your selected featured auction listing is automatically included in the email blast. This listing should be selected to get readers' attention and motivate them to click through. This click takes them to your 'Our Auctions' page where all your other auction listings are displayed to them.

From 'Our Auctions' the single email click is transformed into multiple click-throughs, resulting in higher advertising exposure and potential for sales!

1 Limit on the number of concurrent listings (active + scheduled. See plan details). No limit on cumulative number of listings per year as long as auction-enabled membership is maintained.


How do I sell my animals in Openherd online auctions?

All you need is an upgraded Openherd membership. There are no other fees or requirements to meet. Once you have an upgraded membership plan you can start listing online auctions right away by going to the 'My Auctions' tab in your account.

How much do Openherd online auctions cost?

Openherd online auctions are not like traditional auctions that involve consignment fees and commissions on sales. Once you have an upgraded Openherd membership there are no additional fees or commissions and you can run as many auctions as you like for as long as your upgraded membership is active. This allows you to keep a fixed, affordable marketing budget while allowing you continuous opportunities to sell.

Does Openherd charge commissions on sales?

No. All you need is an upgraded Openherd membership. Openherd does not get involved in the legal sale/contract process, which is strictly between the Seller and the Buyer (see our Auction Terms for more details).

How do Openherd's online auctions compare with traditional live auctions?

The key to any successful auction is participation. The more people who are present, the greater potential for competitive bidding. Traditional auctions have been seeing declining attendance due to the high costs associated with travel/transportation expenses, entry fees, and commissions on sales.

As the nation's largest alpaca marketplace, Openherd has a much larger member base and captive audience than any single traditional auction venue, allowing anyone - no matter where they are - to participate.

In addition, proxy bidding allows bidders to enter a maximum bid amount and Openherd's system will bid on their behalf in their absence, so they dont have to be at their computer the whole time.

Without the high costs of hosting a traditional auction, Openherd is able to make auctions available at a fraction of the cost while providing exponentially more traffic and potential bidders, flexible bidding, and the ability of sellers to track bids and negotiate post-auction private treaty sales. All in all, Openherd is an unbeatable combination of convenience, savings, ease-of-use, and powerful sales potential.

How do Openherd's auctions compare to other online alpaca auctions?

As the nation's leading alpaca marketplace, only Openherd is able to offer the combination of large-scale site traffic, completely integrated auctions, sophisticated advertising, sales, and reporting tools, snd automated features such as proxy bidding, all managed through an extremely easy-to-use, intuitive interface.

Openherd's online auctions have grown to be the most respected online alpaca auctions anywhere and have a very loyal following of our weekly Featured Auctions email blast. Other online alpaca auctions either lack the site traffic necessary to drive their auctions, the advanced technology for them to work smoothly, or they rely on bidders to all be at their computers at the same date and time.

What is 'proxy bidding'?

Proxy bidding is where a bidder enters the maximum amount they are willing to pay and then Openherd's system automatically bids on their behalf when another bidder outbids them - up to their maximum bid amount. Proxy bids will only ever be the lowest bid amount necessary to stay the high bidder, so a bidder will never pay more than the minimum necessary to win the auction. Proxy bidding gives bidders the flexibility to place bids when they are not able to be present for live online bidding or are bidding on multiple listings at the same time. Proxy bidding example

Can I relist my animal as soon as it's previous auction has ended?

No. There is a 24-hour 'cool-down' period before an animal can be relisted. This is to avoid confusion between the previous and new listings. During the 'cool down' period, the animal's detail page will display an auction "Ended" message. After the 'cool down' period has ended, the animal's price listing will return to the way it was prior to being listed.

When do the auctions take place?

Unlike traditional auction venues that have a specific location, date, and time, Openherd online auctions are constantly taking place and end at different dates and times, depending on when the seller specifies. This allows anyone to participate at any time from the convenience of their home, office, or mobile device, and stay actively involved with proxy bidding and email notifications.

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