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Laurie Stevens
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We have the largest herd of Falabella Miniature Horses in the world! All of our horses are registered AMHA, AMHR & FMHA, (Falabella Miniature Horse Association) or FBR, (Falabella Blend Registry). We have bred the Falabella over many years to produce refinement and show quality. For more information on Pure Falabellas, Click on "All about Falabellas". Also check out our colorful, show quality, arabian type Toyland Falabellas and Falabella Blends. We are offering a large selection of Breeding and Show stock for sale. It would be our pleasure to accommodate your every wish.....your very hearts desire........

By Laurie Stevens,

As I write this historic chapter of an event that has taken place, I am looking forward to the future of the Falabella Breed and continuing to promote and preserve their rare bloodlines.

On April 27, 2006, Angelica Falabella graciously allowed me to acquire her entire herd at her Falabella Farm in South Carolina. Most are her special picks which Angelica kept for herself. Some are very small Falabellas, of 26” to 30”. Most important, their lines go directly to the Argentina stock which are from different Falabella lines.

These Falabellas are truly the LAST of the Angelica herd from her South Carolina Ranch. She has retired from breeding because of other things in her life she wants to venture.

It is Angelicas wish that her Falabellas be placed with dedicated Falabella breeders so her line will continue on. I have told Angelica I will do this for her. We plan to keep some for our own breeding program and share the rest with other Falabella breeders.

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