Oz Alpacas

Experience the Luxury of Alpaca!!

Laurie Olson-Zorn
2450 RD 207
Big Springs, NE 69122

We, at OZ Alpacas, are located in the panhandle of Nebraska. We are situated in the middle of wheat, corn, and sunflower fields. We are also surrounded by cattle ranches. Boy, do we get funny looks when we say "We raise Alpacas." But I fell in love with these darling curious critters after being around them for a very short time. There is nothing like walking into their pen and having them all run to you as if you are the best thing that has happened to them all day.

We raise both Huacaya and Suri Alpacas because they each have their very own unique qualities, and we just can't decide which one we like better.

We are constantly striving to produce the best animals we can, calling upon the amazing bloodlines we started out with and adding more diversity and proven quality.

Welcome to our farm!

We're glad that you found us on Openherd. Please take a look at our sales lists and enjoy learning more about our farm. We welcome your inquiries and questions!