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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Why Suri Socks?

The Socks

The Socks

I've been asked from other breeders/farmers, "why make more socks?" Let me tell you why. I don't want to end up culling my herd as I breed for fiber on my farm.

Most all alpacas get higher micron count as they age. Some alpacas are still quite nice, maybe not for a next to skin softness as a sweater or scarf but still nice for outer garments or better yet, SOCKS. I believe the suri alpaca fiber is very useful in higher grades of up to 32 micron. Anything over that,well it needs to be rugs or compost.

There are more alpacas in 2015 than ever before in the USA, so some farmers/breeders use the term Cull, to remove from the breeding stock. That doesn't always mean for meat but some are turning to that. It is hard to keep livestock that does not get any returns and only costs the farmer. Alpaca meat is starting to become more popular now in United States due to this practice. My goal is to use the fiber of the higher micron of 26-32, in footwear such as socks such as my new sock named SuriSmart. I named them SuriSmart because they are made of USA suri alpaca fiber as well as a smart choice sock due to the machine washability of the socks. They wear very well as suri in the higher grades have strong tensile strength. They hold up to the pounding and resistance our feet put them through on a daily basis. Getting these socks in high demand will help find uses for the higher grade suri alpaca fiber without turning to the alternative.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Serendipity, the Three Legged Alpaca (Children's Book)

Meet Sera short for Serendipity. This beautiful girl was born with a deformed leg. So after watching her thrive in this condition and happily run, play and graze as the others, I was inspired to write a children's book about her. The book coming out early Jan. 2016. It will also have an education section in the book, on how an alpaca is sheared for the fiber. I felt this was a part of information that needed to included to educate children as well as adults that no harm comes to an alpaca when shorn.

The three legged alpaca. To keep up with her find her on Facebook at