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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Surprise Package

1 day old

1 day old

I've been told that breeding and cria births are like getting a surprise, wrapped package--you never know what you'll get! This was brought home to me with the birth of a cria yesterday morning.

Since I'm a very small farm, I haven't had a huge amount of births here. But none of the six crias I've had have really surprised me. For instance, a rose grey bred to a brown gave me a brown, a silver grey bred to a rose grey gave me a silver grey, a black bred to a fawn gave me a fawn, etc. So when I bred Annika last summer to my black herdsire, I had high hopes for a black or silver grey. After all, Annika has thrown either black or grey so far and had a gorgeous black the last time I bred her to a black. And I read somewhere that breeding black and silver grey gives you an 80% chance of getting a black or silver grey.

Well, I waited...and waited...and waited. Annika usually has her crias pretty promptly, not far from the 11-month mark. This time three weeks went by until this little one finally made his appearance. I happened to arrive on the scene at just the right time and got to see the birth from beginning to end. And WH-A-A-T--it looks like a fawn!

My initial disappointment changed to concern as he didn't act as lively as I thought he should. It took him closer to two hours to get up on his shaky, spindly legs and he didn't seem to be able to figure out how and where to nurse for another hour or so. But a day later he's hopping around in the pasture and seems to be OK. And even if he isn't the cria I was hoping for, he's still very special as he's the only cria I'm having this summer. And we'll try again next year!

UPDATE: Cody is two weeks old now and doing great. I love to watch him pronk in the pasture and everyone thinks he is so cute! I'm increasingly impressed with his fiber--even if it isn't black or grey!
Only hours old

Only hours old

With mom Annika

With mom Annika