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Danny & Rael Reddick
2253 Arabian Trail
Elizabeth, CO 80107

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


When we first became alpaca breeders, we did our homework, listening to absolutely everything, some things true, some not-so-true, as to envelope ourselves in everything "alpaca"... We wanted to be able to raise these animals in the right way, becoming stewards for their survival, educating other on all of the benefits that they provide, financial and otherwise. We wanted to share in the joy and wonder that we felt when we were around them.
In December 2007, we were finally able to bring our starter herd home, and we were over the moon with excitement, but there was some trepidation as well, not unlike the mixed emotions and feelings of expectant parents. We reveled in everything they did, and worried with every little bump and scrape, always hoping that we were taking care of them in the manner these magnificent animals deserved. We educated ourselves in all of the husbandry, medical and nutritional requirements as well as all of the personalities of each animal that makes each of them unique. We shared all of this with anyone who would listen, and within this process, we have been blessed to be able to sell our animals to like minded individuals, to add to or create their own herds. In our 10 years, as alpacas have moved on to their individual new homes, we have always had to load trailers that have come here, to bring our babies to their new farm.

Until today...

Today we were blessed to be able to deliver 4 of our females and 2 llamas that were boarding here, to their new, forever home. These 6 animals have created their own smaller version of the larger herd here. Joe and Debbie Pierson in Larkspur Colorado, had decided earlier this year that they were ready to start their journey with these wonderful animals, choosing the girls that they connected with, bringing that initial and continuing joy and contentment that we felt when we first brought our starter herd home. The joy in their faces and the inquisitive faces being led to their new barn was priceless. As an alpaca farm, we have now come full circle, being able to personally deliver the joy and peace to another family as they begin their alpaca journey.