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Anna Alexandre
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New Zealand White Rabbits


Just in case you didn’t know, here’s some interesting facts about New Zealand White (NZW) Rabbits……….

Rabbits inhabit every continent with the exception of Antarctica. In the United States there are 12 species of rabbits and the eastern cottontail is the most common. The most popular breed of rabbi... read full article

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

The Nigerian Dwarf is a miniature goat of West African origin. Nigerian Dwarf goats are small in size and have very colorful markings. Their small stature means they do not require as much space as their larger dairy counterparts. Three Nigerian goats can be kept in the space needed by one standard goat. Also, smaller animals are easier to handle and transport. With staggered breedings, a year round milk supply is easy to achieve. The Dwarfs are considered dual-purpose animals, providing both mi... read full article