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Alpaca Investing Options

The advantages and disadvantages of buying males or females

Any time a person thinks about making a change to their lifestyle they are filled with questions and may be uneasy having faith in the unknown. Maybe you have visited a farm or two and know you love those cute faces and/or how soft their fiber is, but at the same time are unsure which, if any, alpaca farm you can visualize being your own. Would a “fiber herd” be for you? Would owning alpacas and boarding (agisting) them on another farm fit your life better? Maybe you want to start off with a cou... read full article


An article by Louet about carding and their carders


The most important difference between drum carders and industrial carders is in the number of carding drums. On industrial carders, the carding process is accomplished through a series of different drums working interactively; however, on drum carders, usually only two drums are being used. Also, on an industrial carder, the process in continuous, and the fibers are continuously transferred from one drum to the next and in the end the fiber is taken off the last drum in the form o... read full article


It's all in the family...

Nightshade is a common name for a broad family of plants. Some of these plants include common, everyday foods like potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, and chilli peppers while others are weeds found in pastures and hay fields that we need to watch for. I am going to be talking about the latter but please be aware that you should not feed the nightshade family plants from your garden to your animals as they contain toxins as well!!

While receiving some ewes from Charlotte Wolfe she noticed some of ... read full article